“Kick Off” With Russell Athletic

Prior to today’s extraordinary athletes, multi-million-dollar halftime shows and the high-tech, modern football uniforms; American football was a game of simplicity, grit, and passion. In the early days of football – the 1960’s to the mid 1980’s – players were presented with some of the simplest and most durable, forever iconic jersey designs that still resonate today. The brand behind many of these classic fan favorites, was the brand that built American sportswear; Russell Athletic. 


To honor and celebrate Russell Athletic’s American Football heritage, we’ve teamed up with RA to deliver a unique Football inspired collection entitled “Kick-off”. The inspiration for the collection was pulled from decades of vintage Russell Athletic team uniform catalogs and offers a unique perspective on the classic football uniform. The collection includes designs across a variety of timeless football silhouettes upcycled from modern Russell Athletic materials and featuring an array of custom branding elements and finishes; each meticulously applied by hand.