AirCraft Solutions

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!

As COVID hit the majority of air carriers were quick to downsize their fleets and cut the cost of maintaining aging planes with a decrease in travel. But what happens to these planes, they just don’t end up in a landfill, they become a serious environmental problem.

Our partner AirCraft Solutions is the answer to this problem. They are a mobile agency that comes to location and breaks down in full every part of the aircraft finding the right means to recycle, reuse or dispose of it. With a few leftover Lufthansa seats we created a small limited run of upcycled Off-White style Air Jordan 1s.

To do our part and take it a step farther, we raffled off a single shoe raising $10,000 USD that we donated to the NAACP LDF. A part of our plan to help give back to our planet and the people that make comprise it.