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AirCraft Solutions

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!

As COVID hit the majority of air carriers were quick to downsize their fleets and cut the cost of maintaining aging planes with a decrease in travel. But what happens to these planes, they just don’t end up in a landfill, they become a serious environmental problem.

Our partner AirCraft Solutions is the answer to this problem. They are a mobile agency that comes to location and breaks down in full every part of the aircraft finding the right means to recycle, reuse or dispose of it. With a few leftover Lufthansa seats we created a small limited run of upcycled Off-White style Air Jordan 1s.

To do our part and take it a step farther, we raffled off a single shoe raising $10,000 USD that we donated to the NAACP LDF. A part of our plan to help give back to our planet and the people that make comprise it.

Sneaker Politics

There’s politics in footwear, but none like Sneaker Politics

For those of you living in the US, the 2020 election was definitely an interesting moment in our nation’s history regardless of which party you align with. This election saw a huge surge of people at the poles voting for issues on a local and state level.

Inspired by this, we teamed up with Sneaker Politics ahead of the election to craft an “Executive Air” Jordan pack inspired by Countdown packs Jordan Brand released in the early 2000’s. We asked our audience a simple question, “what local issues move you and what do you want to see changed?”

As a follow through, we selected one winner from the contest on our instagram with the other winner selected from the in person entries made at Sneaker Politics Austin store.