How long will it take to receive my pair of hand-made custom shoes?
All our orders (unless otherwise stated) are made once ordered, this process will on average take between 2-4 months.
Where do you ship to?
We can ship anywhere in the world! All items with a value above $1000 will be delivered via FedEx and will require signature confirmation.
Can I pay in installments or once I receive my order?
No, all payments are due upfront. Each items costs calculates precisely the cost of materials, base shoes and our time to assemble.
Once an item is sold out, can I purchase it or will it be available again?
No, once an Item is sold out we will not be opening to making any additional units. This diminishes the value of our limited products.
What is your return policy?
Our policy is that all sales are final. We do not accept returns (please note this is listed in all items in our store).
Is there a good or bad time to wear my custom shoes?
We work conceptually; give us colors and details our job is to bring your ideas to life!
Is there a good time to wear your customs?
You can wear them just like regular shoes, but give the quality and materials, the better you wear, the longer they will last.
If I have a pair of shoes I want to use for one of your customs, can I?
Yes, if you have a "base shoe" needed for your one of customs, please email us and we'll provide instructions for shipping.
I forgot to add 'shoe sourcing' to my cart before I checked out, what do I do?
If you need us to supply a pair of shoes for your custom but you forgot to add the "shoe sourcing" before checking out, email us directly and we'll send you an invoice for this.