Who is Ceeze?

Connor Seltz
Founder / Creative Director

Connor Seltz (aka Ceeze) grew up like most suburban kids, highly athletic, extremely energetic but with an odd fascination for art/ design. Looking back at notebooks from 8-12th grade, many were dominated by sketches and concepts as compared to useful notes. During Connor’s 2nd undergraduate degree, he suffered a skiing injury which resulted in several surgeries over a 12-month span. While recovering and to keep his sanity, Connor learned how to restore his older Jordan shoes which gave way to painting and altering shoes.

This fascination and hobby led Connor back to FIT in 2016, where he achieved a degree in fashion business management, and performance athletic footwear design. With this under his belt, Connor formed his brand Ceeze Creative Studios, took out a loan, and launched the business which he now devotes most days too. Know for footwear and some small art pieces, Connor has plans to touch everything from apparel to automotive, all with the mission to spread experience and support others who wish to follow their dreams!