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Creating Memories Is Easy, Fabricating The Bespoke Products To Make Those Memories Is Not.

With over 150 years of collective knowledge, our mission is to make the impossible possible. Delivering an array of luxury bespoke products, content, press & strategy to match.


We put sole into our products, from custom Pantones to 30 hours per shoe, we put product first!


Sometimes even Luxury doesn’t cut it. Working with the celebrity partnerships team at Balenciaga we created a special pair of TripleS for JBalvin far ahead of his Nike Footwear Debut.

Timed for the reveal of the New York Jets new jersey colors, we partnered with Jordan Brand to create a limited edition set of Air Jordan 1 lows for the teams key players and front office staff.

Putting a unique spin on upcycling waste, we create a one-of-a-kind sneaker chair using scrap uppers from our bespoke process. 115 hours of work and 70 scrap shoes later, our first piece furniture.